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In the morning...

there is fog

on the road

and across the field,

enveloping the track

it makes it easy

to tread out into the light

with a quick and quiet gait


in the afternoon,

the fog clears

and the musty, humid air

envelopes you instead


it is hot

and I sweat

with each stride


in the evening, the heat lingers

and it is dark, but there are lightning bugs

that illuminate the path


the moon is high

in the dark, humid night

and my breath baits

the croaking frogs


I run on past the moon

into the stars and the coolness

of the morning fog


treading into the light


and I run on

into the musty afternoon

with sweat on every stride


and I run on

into the darkness

on a lightning-bug lit path


and I run on

into a run eternal

unhindered by the night

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