The Coast

The whole way driving down to the coast, I couldn’t stop thinking, “I want to die.”

But I couldn’t die, because there was no one there to kill me.

When I finally arrived, I parked the truck, ditched my socks and shoes, and ran out to the shoreline. It was all-silent except for the waves creeping towards the shore. I dug my toes deep into the sand as the waves met my feet and swept them clean. The feeling of sweet serenity engulfed the sorrow, and for an instant I knew how it felt to be human again, and in that fleeting second, I knew what it was like to conquer an empire.

The sun wasn’t awake yet, and there was a chilling breeze grasping my nape.

I stared out into the infinite boundless sea, as if I were looking for something. But I knew I’d never find it. As the breeze warned of approaching dawn, I felt human again. I felt alone. I didn’t want to be alone.

The thought of dying again crept back into my head, but I knew I couldn’t, because I was all-alone, and there was no one here to kill me.

At least, there was no one here until sunrise, and by then, I’d be long gone.