People tend to avoid people in capes.

Know. what. That. is."
She says to me.
Without missing
a beat.
The engines. Are clogged."
"Are. We, gonna die?"
I ask.
She says.
We Die.

Her name was Athens.
I say: "What kind of name is that?"
She says: "My mother was a goddess."
I say: "I can tell."
And I could tell.

I'm sitting at a tattoo parlor, and I'm not really sure how I got here, not because I'm high, or anything, but because I really cannot remember.
The tattoo artist walks over to me and asks,
"How can I help you?"
"I want a tribal tatto." I say.
"Okay...along the lines of what, man?"
"I don't know. Something that looks tribal? Interpret it however you want."
He then proceeds to give me a tattoo I swore I never wanted, and still do not want.

I went to the dentist and thought of you.
My hygienist looked like you.
She said she liked horses,
and I knew you didn't like them, or me.
So I left.