Space Beach

Space Day 2043

Everyone gets free rides

on the Space Scrambler

Free space food too

The space stations

are all decorated

We all dress up

like astronauts

and sing International

Space Day Anthem

It’s the most joyous time of year

Except this year

When one of the space stations

crashes into the Moon

Sandy Sand, In between my Hands

Beach is like,


Not only because they rhyme,

but because they both grow

on you

The leach thrives on you

He ingests your blood

The beach,

The beach becomes your blood

The sand infuses with it

It embodies you

You embody it

And with the leach

drinking your sand blood

He too, enjoys the placidity

of the ocean

While you walk on the beach,

At dawn

The leach sucks on your

sandy blood until you pass out


On the beach

Only to wake up


To ingest more sand

Alone – on a sandy beach

Alone – just you and your leach