I noticed her.

I noticed everything about her.
Her enrapturing eyes.
Her silky hair.
Her smooth touch.
Her enticing smile.
Her voluptuous body.

And I noticed everything went in about that order…
Her sight.
“Nick, you know I can’t see that! Where are my glasses?”
Her hair.
“It’s not my fault it’s turning gray! It’s yours! Damn you! It’s yours!”
Her touch.
“I don’t know what that feels like. I’ve lost the sensation, or the will. Maybe both.”
Her smile.
“There’s nothing to smile about anymore. And if there were, I wouldn’t know a damned thing about it.”
Her body.
“What’s the point? I’m old. I’m hideous.”

I noticed everything about her.
Things she preferred me not to.
Her hand tremors.
Her staring at the wall.
Her wailing in bed night after night.

I saw the way she began to look at me – hateful – she began to hate me.

Alas, there was a turning point.
She bought a brand new body, and with it began to love me again.

And then I left her.
Just so I could see that new body scream.