I spot this girl at a lunch table adjacent to me. She’s by herself, but I can tell she has friends with her by the two bags in the other seats at the table. I’m drawn directly to her eyes because of her distinguishing eyeliner, and seductive carry. Somewhere in between medium pale to slightly tan face, black hair with a slight tint of brown, just enough to keep me interested, and black fingernails to match her motives.
She takes turns looking at her food, and me. And I become concerned, and begin to wonder which she prefers more interesting. She takes a lengthy look at her food, and then a bite of it, and then she wins me with one long lascivious glare. But then her friends sit down, and like a child lost in a crowd, the noise and sight overwhelm me. So I get up, put my plate and cup away, and walk into the cold of the dark.

I’m fiddling with my phone, and making clouds with my breath when she startles me.

“Hey.” She says as she gingerly places her cool hair behind her ear, pierced and red from the cold already.
“I saw you looking at me back there.”
“Well – that’s ‘cause I think you’re pretty –“ I choke on my words, “really pretty.”
“You think so?” She smirks coyly.
“Yes. You’re – gorgeous.”
“I was staring back at you. Y’know?”
“I knew you were.”
There’s a pause, and an extended smile beat.
“But, listen,” she says, “I don’t want to know your name.”
“Why n –”
“And I don’t want you to know mine, either.”
She’s sincere, and there’s a butterfly bush in my stomach.
“Would you like to go on a date with me then?” I say.
“Yes. I would.”

Alarum – I wake up to a knock on the door.

I throw my comforter off, and I get up to open it.
Two girls, both pneumatic and fair. I know neither.
“Hey.” The blonde one says.
The other one, brunette, won’t say too much.
“Hi.” I say.
“So – ”
“We heard you had a little chat with a friend of ours earlier.”
“Uh. I guess?”
“But she didn’t tell you her name, hmm?” She smoothly shifts her eyebrows downward, and her lips into a pucker.
“Tsk tsk tsk!” She shakes her finger back and forth as she pushes me out of the way and enters my apartment. The two sit down.
I stand for a beat at the door, and then I take a seat as well.
“Well –” The blonde says. “Her name just might be Justin. Or. Hmmm. Maybe that’s that guy we met from Athens? Who can ever be sure?” She tilts her head to the side. “Do you know Becca?”
Becca, the brunette, smiles at me and flashes her eyelashes.
“Nope – I don’t remember.”
Her lips are inviting as they expand into a grin. She giggles.

Alarum – I wake up.

I get out of bed and sit down at my computer to search “Justin” on Facebook.
There are a couple of guys who come up, but I find a girl.
It’s her, and she’s gorgeous, and she didn’t want me to find her.


I get out of bed and go to dinner.

Upon entering the cafeteria I see Justin sitting at a table nearby. She’s wearing a white sweater top and skin-tight black pants.

I smile at her, when we both are sitting, but her back is turned to me.
I get up to say “hey” as I am putting away my plate.

“Hey –?” She sounds confused, as she looks me over. “Have we met?”
I stand for a beat.
“Yeah. Yesterday – you said you’d like to go on – a – a date.”
“I – don’t – remember that.”
“Oh – sorry. I guess I was – dreaming.”
I frown for a second before I walk away.

I’m outside sitting on a brick ledge.
The cafeteria door opens, and I see her come out.

“Hey.” She says.
“My name’s Justin.”
“I’m Nick.”
“Nice to meet you.”
It’s cold, and I blow clouds out like the dragon I am.
“I’d like to go on that date with you.” She says.