To Lauren

with your pointe shoes
pinned up
and their dangling ribbons
and your toes broken
since Nutcracker,
Swan Lake
with the nostril kisses
and the cold covered nights,
the symphony
the symphony
you must recall,

on the island,
the touch,
by island hug

ballet fresh toes,
dancing, on pearl,
crested waves
pointe in sand
my ears pressed
conk shell
your breast
we held hands
departure day

you must recall,
I didn’t know your eyes yet
sunglass impaired

you told me some tale
I wasn’t listening well

colored numbers,
you said
numbered colors
chromatic, cold, cooling

tetrachromatic woman,
you’ve got a condition
I did listen

with your toes broken
and your pointe shoes
pinned up
no dancing this season
maybe next

but as you must recall,

on the island,
by island light,
you never danced
you never tried