Spring-colored nights
that ardently bloom
like blossoms in your hair

I toss rocks into little lakes
and pretend you’re there
in the splish, splash,
in the ripples they make

little rocks in my little hands,
little splishes, little splashes,
and those spring-colored nights
are exactly what I want them to be

and there you are, with me,
lying in the morning dew
with your cowboy hat
and me in your arms, like new,

and it’s that spring-colored daze,
and it’s you and I again,
it’s the taste of orchids in the air
and your lips on mine,

and it’s that spring-colored season again
with its spring-colored memories,
and its flowers in bloom
and you in my arms,

it’s those spring-colored nights
and our spring-colored hands
it’s those spring-colored nights
that bring us together again