Brilliant little babies

I want you to wreck my solution
rip right through me
make me real sorry
I knew you

and forget my condition
my halfheart attrition

I'm not sorry for the

I am losing my patience,
I've got no ambition

here waiting
for you
to run me over

I'm feeling less comfort,
and older, and

it's the sound of
out in the canyons

and down in
the valley,
where colts
are kings,

that gets to me

those landslide explosions
that have me

screaming, "over,


over my body,"

"rip right through me,
take off the tension,"

but I am back from vaccation
staying on edge now,
exotic expansion,

you'll come

to my doorstep,
like the babies you left me

crying, mouths open

they are much older
but still don't listen

too much like their mother
too much like their father

nobody here listens,
just sweats with
their mouths open

all we do is sweat now,

"the heat is our owner"

you taught me that

and you taught me diligience,
shining like a soldier

with tears on your tonguetip
and violence all over

I knew you were different,
brilliance on your sweat-covered brow

and a
brilliant, little smile

these doorstep children
are as stubborn as you,
but boy,
they sweat and they smile brilliance
just like their mother did, too