Country song

She drinks warm beer
            on Sundays
and spits chaw
            through her teeth
she’s the best damn Southern broad
            I ever saw,
left her somewhere
on that long, yellow line,

the moonlight
and belongings in the back,

highway livin’
I always come back

coyote call
and the little
on my heartstrings,

some pretty
ole baby’s name

in between that
yellow line

hurt far too long,
an’ all alone
all along

an’ in between
those lines,

those ole babes,
those sweet
somethings to love
and somethings to hold

before I
give ‘em

to drive that highway line

far, far
from what
I know as home,

never running out
of wheres to go
with the neverending
length of the
long, yellow line