Ring, Ring

Addresses and models and figures I make up
I’m certain I’m sane, doll
I’m certain I’m at hand.
I’ll answer your call.

In the dark,
when we’re both actors to sleep,
because sleep only makes us dissipate and dematerialize,
and our dreams would demand we give each other up,

I’ll answer your call.
When you mutter my name through your pillow,
or send it into the air
I’ll call right back,
with your name on my daft-love lips all along.

I’ll move closer to you, and harbor you until your body
conjoins with mine.
I will hold you tighter in a breeze – tighter and tighter, I’ll squeeze –
just call –
or murmur or sputter or move or reach – speak, say, tell me,
tell me you need this,
and this is it,
and there is nothing else,
and everything, save us, is dead,
tell – me.

I’m certain,
I’ll answer your call.