and there you are

legs crossed with a gem‘ round your finger

hugs and eyebrows and, “it’s soooooo good to see you,” you say

“it’s nice to see you,” I say, 

and I get real fake serious, real fast

"is he handsome," I ask, "is he blonder than me"

"he's as blond as can be," you say

"I never was much of a blond, "I say, "it never looked good on me"

you snicker, and I snicker, and we spit bullets through our teeth


and here we are

legs crossed getting drinks at the Malongo Café

and we laugh

and we kiss at the bar and in the bathroom and in a taxi to the hotel and in the hotel

and in the pool

and we get ice and we drink champagne and you take off your ring and I take off mine

and we laugh the night away